Social Dialogue and CSR in the Sugar Sector

Social partners in the EU beet sugar sector highlight the importance of a fair and truly competitive world market (press release – [en]) 1.03.2016

Joint press release on the future of the sugar sector [en] 15.03.2015

Assessment of the CSR Code of Conduct in the sugar industry in the light of the ISO 26 000 guidance on social responsibility and the 2011 UN framework on business and Human Rights [en] 28.02.2012

CAP and Sugar Reform – Towards 2020 [en] 28.02.2012

EU sugar social partners call upon the EU institutions to maintain employment levels in the sector and to streamline EU policies [en] 28.02.2012

ETS benchmarking and the need to keep jobs in rural areas 07.06.2010

Open Letter to the Council and the Parliament 03.03.2008

Joint position on the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund 10.07.2006

Joint position on preferential rules of origin 2004

Joint Code of Conduct on Corporate Social Responsibility 2003

Joint Declaration on the impact of Enlargement in the sugar industry 2002

Joint Declaration of the Social Partners on “Social Responsibility and the Social Model in the Sugar Industry” 2001

Joint Declaration of the Social Partners on the draft regulation on “Everything But Arms” 2001

Joint position paper on the generalised system of preferences2001

Joint declaration on apprenticeship in the Sugar Industry 2000

Joint Declaration on the common organisation of the market on Sugar and its importance for employment 1999

Joint LEONARDO Project on Active/Interactive Safety in Sugar Factories 1999

Joint recommandation on apprenticeship in the Sugar Industry1998

Agreement between CEFS and ECF-IUF on the Social Dialogue 1997