Social Dialogue and CSR in the Sugar Sector

Formed in 2013 as a coalition between EU beet growers (represented by CIBE), sugar producers (CEFS) and trade unions in the food and agriculture sectors (EFFAT), the Partnership exists to demonstrate sustainability throughout the beet sugar industry in the region.



In line with the Europe 2020 strategy for a ‘smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive growth’ for the EU, the partnership agreement aims to highlight and facilitate further the dissemination good agricultural, industrial, social and environmental practices in the sector, while taking into account the relevant elements of economic sustainability providing stable and reliable beet sugar production in the EU.

The partners are working together, engaging in a constructive dialogue and exchange with third parties, while managing the overall process so as to deliver meaningful results for the sector.

The partners have developed a range of documents and materials to meet your specific needs and interests.

The Good Practices capture a wide variety of sustainability techniques, tools and practices used by the sector, underpinned by a commitment to technical environmental excellence and social dialogue.

The Good Practices represent an opportunity to share and develop our performance across the sector and the region. They provide a platform to make our practices and commitments clear for our stakeholders. And they serve as the basis for strong and transparent engagement with markets and policy makers going forward.